Friday, October 9, 2009

In which the Rabbit starts a whole new stash

Now that Esmé is on the scene, the Rabbit has started laying in Stuff to Spin in a concerted way. She bought two half-fleeces at the Festival. The first is from a Coopworth named Helen:

The second is from a Border Leicester named Adeline. Adeline's shepherd told me that one year Adeline gave birth to triplets, only one of which she liked, so they named that lamb "Preferred." I didn't ask what they named the other two. "Rejected" and "Abandoned"?

I also bought some hand-dyed Border Leicester locks from Tidal Yarns. These were dyed using cochineal (I think).

Since the Rabbit is traveling at the moment, and a) doesn't want to wear out her welcome by commandeering her friends' washing machine for washing raw fleece, and b) doesn't yet have any combs or hand cards for the dyed locks, she has also bought some fiber that has already been processed, so she can bond with Esmé right this second. She found this roving from Mountain Fiber Folk at the festival:

This Crosspatch Creations batt came from The Fiber Studio in Henniker, NH:

And this merino top came from The Elegant Ewe in Concord, NH:

Pictures of the yarn Esmé comes up with from the fibers to follow. Watch this space.

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