Thursday, October 8, 2009

In which the Rabbit has a bit more to say about the Vermont Sheep and Wool Festival

Predictably, there were lots of sheep at the Sheep and Wool Festival. These apparently decided to commemorate the occasion with Henna tatoos:

Here are the same sheep participating reluctantly in a herding demonstration. That was their day—standing around in the rain for a while sporting their tatoos, then being herded for a while, then standing around some more.

Here are two Romneys:

And a Coopworth:

And a fabulously coiffed Cotswold:

There were other fiber animals as well. No alpacas (apparently their truck broke down) but two very haughty-looking llamas:

A creature described affectionately by his goatherd as "cashmere on the hoof":

And, last but not least, a distant cousin of the Rabbit's, ready for her closeup:

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