Sunday, September 13, 2009

In which the Rabbit goes to Kitchener, and participates in a yarn orgy

It's call the Kitchener Knitter's Fair, and it's two large room jammed with yarn. And some roving. And lots and lots of knitters. The Rabbit was driven into a frenzy by wool fumes. Here is some of what she scored (notice that she doesn't say "bought." That would bring the reality of the thing too close.)

First, some sock yarn. Three skeins, to be precise:

The Rabbit notes that in a way, these are three different versions of the same skein of sock yarn: lots of reds, with bits of blue, green and purple. She was in a red mood.

Another theme that emerged: fuzzy neutrals, one in Shetland wool (she met the shepherd), one in suri alpaca, and one in angora (angora!):

Another theme: yarn to make drapey shawls with. The first of these is a hand-dyed blend of merino and tencel, and is wonderfully shiny; the second is a mix of silk and something called SeaCell, which is a man made fiber made with seaweed (the manufacturing process is similar to that for rayon and tencel):

Finally: small amounts of Very Decadent Fibers, to make small decadent things with. Some paco-vicuna, and some qiviut:

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