Wednesday, June 24, 2009

In which the Rabbit struggles with color

This is a picture of a current work in progress, the Penny Rug Purse from Bag Style. The Rabbit feels as though she has been working on this forever. She has started it at least twice, but each time has found color juxtapositions that didn't work, so frog, frog, frog. She is not entirely happy with this, but is happy enough to go on with it.

It goes slowly because when the Rabbit is prudent she can really only work on it during the day. Knitting this bag at night in insufficient light leads to infelicitous color combinations, which leads to frogging (see above). In one case, for example, it resulted in a horrible Tommy Hilfiger-esque combo of yellow and navy (which in the yarn store didn't exactly look like navy, but never mind) that made color-sensitive lagomorphs everywhere cringe. Ripping it out was a public service, really.

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